A Woman with a disease

As a 12 years old girl I was experiencing different changes to my body and was not understanding why I was passing out and having my feet turning blue. After going to doctors for years, I never understood the reasons why or how this was caused. As I got older my health started to get significantly worse, I would swell up with hives, my ears would turn purple, and my heart rate would beat at as high as 210 beats per minute. I almost died twice. Still having no answers as to why, I was put on 15 different medications to survive and gained almost 50 pounds. I experienced extreme depression as well as impacting my self-esteem. I struggled with going in and out of hospitals for years.

 I graduated high school and was accepted to the University of Florida on a Cheerleading scholarship but was not able to attend because my shoulder broke due to my medications making my bones extremely brittle. My dreams vanish right before my eyes. I believed that my life would be forever miserable, I then started attending college locally at St Petersburg College and received my Associates degree in Business. My heart set on owning my own business, while still facing the challenges of my disease. I realized then it was up to me to find the solution to my disease. I decided that my next goal was to go to nursing school. This helped to understand the body in a completely different way. I was able to gain the knowledge about autoimmune diseases and it was there I realized that I had Lupus SLE, one of the worst autoimmune a person can have. Finally, I was able to work with doctors who understood the underlying cause of my issues. I was able to move past all the dark times now knowing I had Lupus. This was an empowering time in my life. I learned how to help myself and others to overcome the challenges that accompanied Lupus.

During my life I would struggle with my relationships because I convinced myself that no one should have to take care of someone who is going to be sick forever. I mean if you love someone how is that fair? Someone made me realize that I learned if someone loves you, they will do what it takes to be alongside with you through anything. This really did destroy my confident. Thats why you fight for your dreams so you can look back and say YES QUEEN!!!

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How to be Bold even when you do not feel good enough?

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We walk this earth with so much hurt and pain all of us have suffered through many adversities.  We call out and asking for help and not understanding why we are going through something. The toughest things that we go through and have to fight through bring us to a place of awareness that many of us are crying on the inside from something we are battling.  Many of us have watched family members die from cancer, this toxic disease that you wonder why it even exist because the person you love can barely walk or move. It is our job as a caregiver to be the bold ones to bring them through this disease. As a person who was a caregiver from the age of 11 to 17 it taught me that depression and suicide thoughts are real. That we can go through life taking care of people that are suffering but the caregivers always have somethings  they are hiding to become stronger to those around us. You give you your whole heart to the situation and always have those nightmares of them passing away. Sometimes throughout their chemotherapy you question if it fair to put them through this pain? Truthfully that answer is always going to be unknown. None of us are a position in our lives to tell people something that really will not add value to them. They may have their last moments of life left being spent at the hositpal looking at this person and praying they stay here with them. As you squeeze their hand so tight and lay there with them. Sometimes we will always need that hug from that special person that will never be able to come back and hug you. 

Being bold is tough when all of us need to work on the everyday process of healing. Everyone has been through a time of they do not know where they belong or they feel that it is our job to take care of everyone around us? But what about you the one that does feel good enough? It is important that we maintain a strong relationship within our selves to be the person later in life that people can count on. A sense of not feeling good enough is something that we can control because we can always go through life feeling that way in any situation. I believe the boldness starts when you believe in your purpose of living. What is your purpose?

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Respecting Cultural Diversity in Business

Our Factory

That day was a day that changed many lives forever. We will be doing business in the United States of America and in Indonesia because of what Remarkable Reasons has established. The sunscreen that Kristin Tomasello has chemically engineered, along with the portfolio of products to follow, is about the health of all people. Kristin has learned that she didn’t create a formula without a reason and she will remember that it is about remarkable reasons. The future needs us to protect the lives of others and one means of doing that is by protecting them from getting cancer. We cannot cure it, but we can make a difference. Finding and prevent ways to help people continue to have healthy skin or make improvements in their conditions is Kristin’s mission in life.

We are here to help the world become a better place. Skincare products, initially with sunscreen as our most viable product, will be how we begin to do more. Making a difference in the lives of people goes deep than just the skin. It is also about keeping our planet safe from us. Corporations have been devastating where we live, where we source our food, and where we get away from it all. The oceans are suffering tremendously from the generations of the past. Our reefs are homes that must be kept safe from the sins of history. We will need to protect every avenue of our life and the animals through research, development, and making the conscientious decision to not take it easy. Let’s Fight for the people and our planet for tomorrow and the future generations to come. We are a NON-profit that is about loving people. Kristin is a Christian women who is fighting for women’s rights and for all people that Remarkable Reasons believes in. You can see her here in these pictures in a muslim country breaking through barriers, making a new begging. The United States has been fighting in the middle east against terrorism, specifically radicalism, decades now. To Remarkable Reasons, this business trip to Indonesia was not just about establishing an international relationship in business. It has also been about empowering women and respecting the cultural similarities and differences of two religions.

Dream Bakers

Dapur Cokelat baking class!

One of the best days ever is made with new friends and family while learning how to make a sponge cake from scratch!! It is with them that Remarkable Reasons will enrich lives in the future to make the community stronger. Dapur Cokelat, based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, has welcomed us into their world. It’s all about feeding people and giving them sweet things to eat. Remarkable Reasons is about protecting and nurturing the skin of people. Together we simply would like to see the healthiest and happiest version of you. In the future we will be uniting in a marketing campaign to show people how much we care.

Malika, one of the students from our beneficiaries at the school Prosa, was invited to join class at Dapur Cokelat’s factory. Her dream is to be a model and Chef, so Remarkable Reasons surprised her by bringing her and her family to Dapur Cokelat. Our intention was to make her feel special and inspire her to keep dreaming and chasing them relentlessly. To empower the children of today is the most important thing we can do. When they start to feel important, they will be able to achieve anything life brings to them. We are inspired by her love and care she has towards people and her sister. We love you Malika thanks for being a part of our lives!!

Road Trip Through Indoesia

Road Trip through Indonesia

This world has hidden gems all over. Traveling will give you a new way of life and how to want to help out with getting the community closer together. This country does not have big road for everyone to travel on the best way to give a road to travel on is guided to be the best they can be even with bumps in the road. Every road has to get paved every year. We all are meant to grow and change!

These children travel on a road towards their future not knowing what really important thing. That your soul is the most valuable thing you can offer to this world. Your love follows and can give kindness to those around to finally help the kids. 

Project Selasa

We present to you the Tuesday Class at Project Selasa. We are so proud of the students and how far they have come. We can not wait to see the transformation that takes place in the studio. 

Click the Youtube button below to see some of the videos the class created!!

Meet our friend Ai she has been dancing for many years through out Asia. She offered to be my dance coach for Miss Tampa ( Miss America System). She spent hours working with me to help me get ready for the stage. Ai is also our friend Indra’s school which is Sponsored by Remarkable Reasons INC to help grow the buliding with more classrooms and space to learn. Many of you guys know Chris has a dream to have a school that helped children with there passion towards Art. My dream is very similar to that but it is about the special need community. As many of you know my best friend Danielle is down syndromes and has had many struggles in her life. The one things that Danielle loves doing is being on stage and performing. I want her and her friends to have more of a space in our community because they deserve to feel important and accepted. We pray that our charity is so successful that we can give Theatre Exceptional there own class room.  

This blog is not about me but I want to express how amazed I was to see everyone come together and really just support one another. this community has open up my heart to a new world that is splendid. They have shown me even when you don’t know where your going in life your heart is what counts the most.   Indra surprised Chris and I with a cake to welcome us into their family. What I love is how they celebrate just you being there. 

Kristin Tomasello – On a mission with Remarkable Reasons to Empower Women

As a women in business it has been super empowering for me to push through something so hard. I’m wanting to express my stress and emotions behind on why this was thought through and made into real life. May my story serve as one that inspires you and serves as a reasons to change your life.

I have seen my dad pass out in front of me when I was 11 years old and he was unconscious in the wall that he put a hole through. I was scared and felt like everything around me was falling apart. We called 911 calling on a response to the emergency as soon as possible. As he was transported to St Joes North, he was rerouted to Moffitt Cancer Center.

As young women at this moment in my life, I was confused and lost because I didn’t know what to do. Mentally I have struggled and had to work through issues I have had with my father. I always needed to get some sort of attention or feel emotions because most of my pre teens years were spent in a hospital caring for him. To watch a man lose his eyesight and hearing all at once is mentally tough. To make matters worse, he didn’t handled it well at all.

This compounded the effected it has had on me as a women. The simple explanation why is that I struggled to believe that I was worth it. I said to myself he is angry with me and I’m only trying to help. I’ve really had to work on working through my emotions towards him not appreciating me the way my mom and I deserve. This has directly had a profound impact on my health issues and have affected my confidence.

I was first diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POT) at 12 years old. My heart was not able to get a regular heart rate and I was always seeing black spots in my eyes. As I got older my health issues they got worse and worse. In high school I used to be covered in hives head to toes from Junior to Senior year. I gained a ton of weight from all the medication I have to take, I went into a mental depression. I started to party and act like someone I was not. I wanted to fit in like everyone else. I didn’t stay strong in who I was. I tried things that I regret and have embarrassed myself many times. That coinciding with what you already know about me doesn’t make the future look as bright as others may see theirs. It gets even worse.

With an update on my illness, I learned that it was really Lupus SLE. Waking up in the morning can be difficult. My head pounds to where I can not walk straight. Lupus is a very hard disease to have because of more than just the physical toll. Society exacts specific personifications of what beauty is on the world. Women especially are targeted primarily and as someone who lives in the world of pageantry and a title holder, you see the worst and best of it. Seeing other girls have cute clothes or skinny bodies was something that I have had to hide, which has brought out the best in me because I don’t hide anymore thanks to business. Society likes to make women feel like we are on a timeline and we have to meet standards that are impossible.

This is where business comes in as something that has saved my life, in a way that many give music credit for doing. My dreams are on forming a global business community, viable products as revenue streams, and helping the kids and students with disabilities. I wish that no one has to feel that in their life, they have no one or no one cares. By applying what I have learned this will happen. Our future are the children whom are angels. They need to be loved and cared for with encouragement through the thick and thin even when they fail they need love not a confidence let down. Giving that to them starts with business here at Remarkable Reasons.

Why I am sharing a snip bit of my life is because any women has the right to empower themselves. We deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. If you are a women that needs help in business, contact me at: Kristin@RemarkableReasons.org where we will gladly help anyone we can to be successful. I hope that this story about my life inspires you in some way, some how.

My Lupus Study

As many you don’t know but I have officially graduated nursing school and furthering my education is so important to me and finding ways to make our world a better place. With my most recent flare up, my body shut down causing fever, chills and aches in my knees. I felt very weak for 36 hours and it takes a major role on your mood as well. What has given me hope to feel better is research because I know there is a solution , for this autoimmune. Yesterday I started drinking Diatomaceous Earth Food grade this safe for humans. This is designed to kill parasites and viral infections at the host. Yes, I know that Lupus is not a viral or a parasite infection but doctors treat it that way. its a lot more complex than that, I have been bed bound for several days and go get IV medications to help with the inflammation.

Lupus medications are having a terrible cycle on the body. Our bodies are not meant to take steroids long-term. it makes our immune system weak along with our bones causing long-term effects on the body we need to pay attention to how long doctors are prescribing amino suppressant medicine for patients with lupus
I have decided to try Diatomaceous Earth t has had a good effect on me I have noticed I’m not in flight or flight mode as much and my proteins in my urine has decreased which is a one of my biggest issues with my Lupus. I am drinking 2tbs with Cup of water at dinner to see how the body reacts to it. So far my mood has been enhanced and feel less inflammation. Will be back to update for two weeks to document this new findings. I have noticed that my body is not having brain fog as much in the morning: this was a important finding for me because I feel like I lose things and forget important things. I am feeling lighter and less inflammation still no pain in the legs and no pinching/arthritis feeling in my fingers .

I have been wanting to update you guys on more information but I am currently out of the country with very little wifi. 

Kristin Tomasello RN