We present to you the Tuesday Class at Project Selasa. We are so proud of the students and how far they have come. We can not wait to see the transformation that takes place in the studio. 

Click the Youtube button below to see some of the videos the class created!!

Meet our friend Ai she has been dancing for many years through out Asia. She offered to be my dance coach for Miss Tampa ( Miss America System). She spent hours working with me to help me get ready for the stage. Ai is also our friend Indra’s school which is Sponsored by Remarkable Reasons INC to help grow the buliding with more classrooms and space to learn. Many of you guys know Chris has a dream to have a school that helped children with there passion towards Art. My dream is very similar to that but it is about the special need community. As many of you know my best friend Danielle is down syndromes and has had many struggles in her life. The one things that Danielle loves doing is being on stage and performing. I want her and her friends to have more of a space in our community because they deserve to feel important and accepted. We pray that our charity is so successful that we can give Theatre Exceptional there own class room.  

This blog is not about me but I want to express how amazed I was to see everyone come together and really just support one another. this community has open up my heart to a new world that is splendid. They have shown me even when you don’t know where your going in life your heart is what counts the most.   Indra surprised Chris and I with a cake to welcome us into their family. What I love is how they celebrate just you being there. 

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