A Remarkable Evening 2022

About An Exceptional Evening

An Exceptional Evening is a show that celebrates talented people who happen to have autism. Our showcase bolsters what Theatre Exceptional does best year after year by advancing the directives of the talents in their troop and the resources available to the organization. Remarkable Reasons provides its capabilities as an organization itself by not only contributing to the quality of productions and events that champion autism, but also by working on initiatives that allow friendships to be made, academic approvals to be given, and awareness heightened.

Bringing joy to the audience and providing more beyond the show is made possibly by with partners. Each one of us has a role and responsibility not just to those in the show and in the audience, but also to one another contributing to the global condition. The show raises money to provide scholarships at Theatre Exceptional, so more people with special needs who need financial support can have it. We are also raising money to improve the capacity to create social opportunities of inclusion with Best Buddies. The Boy Scouts of America are involved to improve our collective understanding of how we treat those with special needs and those who are around them better through the diversity requirements of those who are Eagle Scout hopefuls.

Remarkable Reasons has united with these amazing organization to bring you, your families, and friends a show to remember. We look forward to bringing you more.

Why is this Happening

Our commitment with An Exception Evening involves focusing on the objectives of the cast, crew, and the special needs community. By making the show an event anyone can rally around and give businesses a reason to be united, this allows us to improve the lives of families during the rest of the year. Expressions of who someone is, Socialization with others who don’t have the means to travel anytime, and the Diplomacy needed when there needs to be more understanding are three specific objectives beyond the show.

Theatre Exceptional is a playhouse that performs stories to the public. These shows have a variety of different subject matter and bring to life a heartwarming, fun, and interesting line ups of amazing characters. The storylines are rehearsed tirelessly up until the day of the shows where all the hard work is brought to you live. All of this includes a means to express oneself. These shows are a perfect method to identify with another character, learn more about yourself, and express what that is in your own way. The ability to have something you can do diligently that allows you to grow as a person is given to those in the company.

Best Buddies name says it all. We all know that priceless feeling you have when you’re around your best friends and feeling included in a places you feel welcomed. It begins a lot like any relationship. Introductions are made by looking at common details, a few dates tells if there is any chemistry there, and when it’s meant to be there are limitless things to do. It’s socialization meets the discovery of what a relationship is. Those relationships are welcomed in even more by bringing buddies together as social events. The best buddies relationship one on one and the social events that provides those with special needs a way to travel when their family members have their own things to do. Since not everyone with special needs can drive or travel alone, it important to give them a way to get out of the house.

The Boy Scouts of America have recently become involved with the need to be diverse and not just diverse in how to be a leader, work together in accomplishing objectives, and surviving in hazardous conditions where safety somehow fails. Special needs is now a requirement to earn the prestigious honor of being recognized as an Eagle Scout. This has been classified as an acceptable qualification of what diversity is. By volunteering at rehearsals and the show, an Eagle Scout Hopeful will be checked out and signed off with the requirements completed. In return, what the scout learns about will become a resource to the Scouts as an organization. This will allow troop meeting to prevent any escalation of situations that still require more understanding.

The show provides everyone with more opportunities to have fun, be active in the community, and promotes friendship. We are coming together in a manner that fosters a healthy and happy environment that is conducive academically and entertainingly. Help us achieve more than ever by contributing through the links below, purchase tickets beginning on October 1st, or contacting us about how you’d like to contribute.

In the spirit of entertainment, we invite anyone to be a part of the production. In our show you can welcome the public to experience their bravery, courage, and determination on stage live. Click on the words below if you’re interested in showing us how what you can do can make a difference.

Please, enjoy all that we can offer you about our past shows by clicking above on the picture of the show from 2021 at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida. See how we celebrate life and talent!

We present to you Miss and Mr. Exceptional 2021

Congratulations to our 1st ever Miss and Mr. Exceptional! It is an honor to coronate these two remarkable people as their performances were amazing. We are excited to see what's next from these two rising stars. Please, click on their picture to learn more about these exceptional talents.

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