As many you don’t know but I have officially graduated nursing school and furthering my education is so important to me and finding ways to make our world a better place. With my most recent flare up, my body shut down causing fever, chills and aches in my knees. I felt very weak for 36 hours and it takes a major role on your mood as well. What has given me hope to feel better is research because I know there is a solution , for this autoimmune. Yesterday I started drinking Diatomaceous Earth Food grade this safe for humans. This is designed to kill parasites and viral infections at the host. Yes, I know that Lupus is not a viral or a parasite infection but doctors treat it that way. its a lot more complex than that, I have been bed bound for several days and go get IV medications to help with the inflammation.

Lupus medications are having a terrible cycle on the body. Our bodies are not meant to take steroids long-term. it makes our immune system weak along with our bones causing long-term effects on the body we need to pay attention to how long doctors are prescribing amino suppressant medicine for patients with lupus
I have decided to try Diatomaceous Earth t has had a good effect on me I have noticed I’m not in flight or flight mode as much and my proteins in my urine has decreased which is a one of my biggest issues with my Lupus. I am drinking 2tbs with Cup of water at dinner to see how the body reacts to it. So far my mood has been enhanced and feel less inflammation. Will be back to update for two weeks to document this new findings. I have noticed that my body is not having brain fog as much in the morning: this was a important finding for me because I feel like I lose things and forget important things. I am feeling lighter and less inflammation still no pain in the legs and no pinching/arthritis feeling in my fingers .

I have been wanting to update you guys on more information but I am currently out of the country with very little wifi. 

Kristin Tomasello RN  

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