Dapur Cokelat baking class!

One of the best days ever is made with new friends and family while learning how to make a sponge cake from scratch!! It is with them that Remarkable Reasons will enrich lives in the future to make the community stronger. Dapur Cokelat, based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, has welcomed us into their world. It’s all about feeding people and giving them sweet things to eat. Remarkable Reasons is about protecting and nurturing the skin of people. Together we simply would like to see the healthiest and happiest version of you. In the future we will be uniting in a marketing campaign to show people how much we care.

Malika, one of the students from our beneficiaries at the school Prosa, was invited to join class at Dapur Cokelat’s factory. Her dream is to be a model and Chef, so Remarkable Reasons surprised her by bringing her and her family to Dapur Cokelat. Our intention was to make her feel special and inspire her to keep dreaming and chasing them relentlessly. To empower the children of today is the most important thing we can do. When they start to feel important, they will be able to achieve anything life brings to them. We are inspired by her love and care she has towards people and her sister. We love you Malika thanks for being a part of our lives!!

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