How to be Bold even when you do not feel good enough?

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We walk this earth with so much hurt and pain all of us have suffered through many adversities.  We call out and asking for help and not understanding why we are going through something. The toughest things that we go through and have to fight through bring us to a place of awareness that many of us are crying on the inside from something we are battling.  Many of us have watched family members die from cancer, this toxic disease that you wonder why it even exist because the person you love can barely walk or move. It is our job as a caregiver to be the bold ones to bring them through this disease. As a person who was a caregiver from the age of 11 to 17 it taught me that depression and suicide thoughts are real. That we can go through life taking care of people that are suffering but the caregivers always have somethings  they are hiding to become stronger to those around us. You give you your whole heart to the situation and always have those nightmares of them passing away. Sometimes throughout their chemotherapy you question if it fair to put them through this pain? Truthfully that answer is always going to be unknown. None of us are a position in our lives to tell people something that really will not add value to them. They may have their last moments of life left being spent at the hositpal looking at this person and praying they stay here with them. As you squeeze their hand so tight and lay there with them. Sometimes we will always need that hug from that special person that will never be able to come back and hug you. 

Being bold is tough when all of us need to work on the everyday process of healing. Everyone has been through a time of they do not know where they belong or they feel that it is our job to take care of everyone around us? But what about you the one that does feel good enough? It is important that we maintain a strong relationship within our selves to be the person later in life that people can count on. A sense of not feeling good enough is something that we can control because we can always go through life feeling that way in any situation. I believe the boldness starts when you believe in your purpose of living. What is your purpose?

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