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That day was a day that changed many lives forever. We will be doing business in the United States of America and in Indonesia because of what Remarkable Reasons has established. The sunscreen that Kristin Tomasello has chemically engineered, along with the portfolio of products to follow, is about the health of all people. Kristin has learned that she didn’t create a formula without a reason and she will remember that it is about remarkable reasons. The future needs us to protect the lives of others and one means of doing that is by protecting them from getting cancer. We cannot cure it, but we can make a difference. Finding and prevent ways to help people continue to have healthy skin or make improvements in their conditions is Kristin’s mission in life.

We are here to help the world become a better place. Skincare products, initially with sunscreen as our most viable product, will be how we begin to do more. Making a difference in the lives of people goes deep than just the skin. It is also about keeping our planet safe from us. Corporations have been devastating where we live, where we source our food, and where we get away from it all. The oceans are suffering tremendously from the generations of the past. Our reefs are homes that must be kept safe from the sins of history. We will need to protect every avenue of our life and the animals through research, development, and making the conscientious decision to not take it easy. Let’s Fight for the people and our planet for tomorrow and the future generations to come. We are a NON-profit that is about loving people. Kristin is a Christian women who is fighting for women’s rights and for all people that Remarkable Reasons believes in. You can see her here in these pictures in a muslim country breaking through barriers, making a new begging. The United States has been fighting in the middle east against terrorism, specifically radicalism, decades now. To Remarkable Reasons, this business trip to Indonesia was not just about establishing an international relationship in business. It has also been about empowering women and respecting the cultural similarities and differences of two religions.

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