The Origin Story

Maria Buxton was a true inspiration to all who knew her. Despite facing numerous challenges including cancer and disability, Maria never let her spirit falter. She lived life to the fullest by sharing her love of culture and adventure with those around her, always putting others first.

One person in particular who felt Maria’s unwavering love and devotion was Douglas Treat. Together they explored the world and found joy in dancing. Even as Maria battled her own health issues, she was there to care for Douglas during his battle with Alzheimer’s.

Although Maria sadly passed away in 2020 from cancer and COVID-19, her legacy lives on through Remarkable Reasons, an organization committed to championing the fight against disease and disability while celebrating the remarkable parents who inspire us all.

We can all learn from Maria’s selflessness and commitment to others. She reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we can make a positive impact on the world around us. To learn more about Maria’s incredible life, please visit In Loving Memory of Meike.

Board of Directors

Meet the Team

Chris Buxton, CEO

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Chris established Remarkable Reasons in honor and in loving memory of a person who inspired him more than anyone else. The founder’s mother, Maria Buxton, was taken away from us during the pandemic that brought so much sadness to the year 2020. Meike, as she is affectionately known in his family, provided her unwavering support to as many people as she could even while fighting cancer five times with bravery and courage.  Chris chose the charity’s name as a tribute to all the selfless parents who provide their children with everything they need to succeed and be happy in life. The dedication and sacrifice in service to others as providers is what he strives to preserve in a legacy through our work and mission to make the world a better place. His career started as a profesional athlete with Nike and turned to student-athlete safety. By adapting Olympians’ training to their age, he helped athletes stay injury-free. He also aided 28 veterans with PTSD, who no longer need help. Invictus Sports caught the attention of the White House, which recognizes them for their PTSD treatment. Additionally, he created Spitfire Ink, Cassandra-In-Distress Art Group, Tikukur LLC, and Buxton Farms with the same mission to help others first.

Joe Polanin, COO

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Joe Polanin deployed around the world frequently for combat operations and was competitively screened and
promoted to the top 1% of senior leaders during a 30-year Navy career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal
(EOD). He has more than 21 years as a successful CEO and COO inspiring highly specialized, globally
integrated teams to defeat complex threats and succeed in high-risk environments despite every
obstacle. He has led successful reorganizations of global headquarters – the largest was 123,000 people
and $79.8B fiscal value – and completed $2M+ leader development professional education. After retiring
from the Navy in 2020, Joe founded the Alaka’i Leadership Group, LLC to help companies accelerate
their vision through comprehensive strategies that mobilize all capabilities and talent toward shared
goals. Joe is the SVP – COO of Alchemy Early Stage, The Stuart Group, and Hydraulic Entertainment;
EVP/Board Member of RxAnytime; and VP/executive board member of the non-profit private foundation,
A Special Place for Veterans, dedicated to ending veteran homelessness.

Kiana Polanin, CMO

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Kiana Polanin is honored to be the Chief Marketing Officer for Remarkable Reasons. She is a University of Florida 2022 High Honors graduate, published author, Director of Business Operations for The Alaka’i Leadership Group, and the Director of Market Intelligence for Alchemy Early Stage and the Stuart Group. Kiana is a member of the University of Florida MBA class of 2025. In her free time, she is an avid pickleball player, enjoys volunteering at sporting and military events, and is passionate about singing in choirs and theatre performances. Kiana is privileged to support Remarkable Reasons in its mission to serve those with disabilities and diseases because of her family and friends who have suffered from cancer and her cousin who has autism.

Advisory Board

Brian Buxton

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