The Origin Story

The Origin Story

The original founder who established Remarkable Reasons named the charity after his mother, Maria Buxton. She was one of over 3.5 million lives devastatingly lost to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 in February of 2021. The name honors the gratitude children have of their parents and how impossible it is to ever thank them enough. That gratitude is given significant weight by a never ending quest to pay our respects. That respect is shown through projects strategically aligned with our mission to improve the quality of peoples lives. 

Maria brought the world to the people in her life enriching the quality. Douglas Treat was one person, in particular, she was devoted endearingly to through anything. These two explorers could find space anywhere on earth and get lost in an embrace, especially while dancing. While fighting cancer for the fifth time with a paralyzed right arm, she persevered above and beyond. Throughout her own treatments and agonizing pain, she took care of him throughout his Alzheimer’s. That is remarkable. This is the reason we are established and united to champion remarkable reasons.

We are united with entities, personalities, and integral motives to strengthen communities. The lives of people, their health, education, finances, happiness, and future is centric to what we do here at Remarkable Reasons. We also believe that we need to save our planet, not just lives. By working with the communities to improve the environment and economy as they exist, the inherent needs are created to become the fabric of any given thing needed to be called upon.


Trust is an integral aspect of who we are here at Remarkable Reasons. It is our sincerest hope that what we do grows, builds, and strengthens trust in us with communities around the world, so we can accomplish the very best. The path to the solution of problems in any community lies through a door that leads us towards working together. Through the door are common principles, goals, and commitments. Stimulating conversations, fruitful relationships, and nurture environments that are healthy, academic, and fun are leading us in. Together we endeavor to discover novel or innovative solutions. We perpetuate standard methodologies and improve the world around us through the best of both the unknown and known.  In turn, the environments of these communities become conducive to being the epitome of success. 

By partnering with leaders in businesses and communities, we are able to provide premiere projects, which are beneficial through the products we offer, events we direct, and direct financial aid given or awarded. It is within these auspices that we are able to make a greater impact in the lives of others and in the operations of our business itself. As a diverse company that champions different solutions alongside normal practices, our work makes investments that provide a substantial return for various remarkable reasons. These investments are researched, analyzed, developed, planned, and executed in projects according to strategies that culminate in paying the bills of reasons that are remarkable.

If you have a reason that is remarkable you would like us to consider, please contact us.

Meet the Team

Chris Buxton, CEO

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Joe Polanin, COO

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Chris Aikens, Director of Fine Arts

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You will read more about everything from how we started to our timeline and what has happened and is happening all along the way – so in the meantime…pardon the mess while we are under construction, please.

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