A Woman with a disease

As a 12 years old girl I was experiencing different changes to my body and was not understanding why I was passing out and having my feet turning blue. After going to doctors for years, I never understood the reasons why or how this was caused. As I got older my health started to get significantly worse, I would swell up with hives, my ears would turn purple, and my heart rate would beat at as high as 210 beats per minute. I almost died twice. Still having no answers as to why, I was put on 15 different medications to survive and gained almost 50 pounds. I experienced extreme depression as well as impacting my self-esteem. I struggled with going in and out of hospitals for years.

 I graduated high school and was accepted to the University of Florida on a Cheerleading scholarship but was not able to attend because my shoulder broke due to my medications making my bones extremely brittle. My dreams vanish right before my eyes. I believed that my life would be forever miserable, I then started attending college locally at St Petersburg College and received my Associates degree in Business. My heart set on owning my own business, while still facing the challenges of my disease. I realized then it was up to me to find the solution to my disease. I decided that my next goal was to go to nursing school. This helped to understand the body in a completely different way. I was able to gain the knowledge about autoimmune diseases and it was there I realized that I had Lupus SLE, one of the worst autoimmune a person can have. Finally, I was able to work with doctors who understood the underlying cause of my issues. I was able to move past all the dark times now knowing I had Lupus. This was an empowering time in my life. I learned how to help myself and others to overcome the challenges that accompanied Lupus.

During my life I would struggle with my relationships because I convinced myself that no one should have to take care of someone who is going to be sick forever. I mean if you love someone how is that fair? Someone made me realize that I learned if someone loves you, they will do what it takes to be alongside with you through anything. This really did destroy my confident. Thats why you fight for your dreams so you can look back and say YES QUEEN!!!

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