Kristin Tomasello – On a mission with Remarkable Reasons to Empower Women

As a women in business it has been super empowering for me to push through something so hard. I’m wanting to express my stress and emotions behind on why this was thought through and made into real life. May my story serve as one that inspires you and serves as a reasons to change your life.

I have seen my dad pass out in front of me when I was 11 years old and he was unconscious in the wall that he put a hole through. I was scared and felt like everything around me was falling apart. We called 911 calling on a response to the emergency as soon as possible. As he was transported to St Joes North, he was rerouted to Moffitt Cancer Center.

As young women at this moment in my life, I was confused and lost because I didn’t know what to do. Mentally I have struggled and had to work through issues I have had with my father. I always needed to get some sort of attention or feel emotions because most of my pre teens years were spent in a hospital caring for him. To watch a man lose his eyesight and hearing all at once is mentally tough. To make matters worse, he didn’t handled it well at all.

This compounded the effected it has had on me as a women. The simple explanation why is that I struggled to believe that I was worth it. I said to myself he is angry with me and I’m only trying to help. I’ve really had to work on working through my emotions towards him not appreciating me the way my mom and I deserve. This has directly had a profound impact on my health issues and have affected my confidence.

I was first diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POT) at 12 years old. My heart was not able to get a regular heart rate and I was always seeing black spots in my eyes. As I got older my health issues they got worse and worse. In high school I used to be covered in hives head to toes from Junior to Senior year. I gained a ton of weight from all the medication I have to take, I went into a mental depression. I started to party and act like someone I was not. I wanted to fit in like everyone else. I didn’t stay strong in who I was. I tried things that I regret and have embarrassed myself many times. That coinciding with what you already know about me doesn’t make the future look as bright as others may see theirs. It gets even worse.

With an update on my illness, I learned that it was really Lupus SLE. Waking up in the morning can be difficult. My head pounds to where I can not walk straight. Lupus is a very hard disease to have because of more than just the physical toll. Society exacts specific personifications of what beauty is on the world. Women especially are targeted primarily and as someone who lives in the world of pageantry and a title holder, you see the worst and best of it. Seeing other girls have cute clothes or skinny bodies was something that I have had to hide, which has brought out the best in me because I don’t hide anymore thanks to business. Society likes to make women feel like we are on a timeline and we have to meet standards that are impossible.

This is where business comes in as something that has saved my life, in a way that many give music credit for doing. My dreams are on forming a global business community, viable products as revenue streams, and helping the kids and students with disabilities. I wish that no one has to feel that in their life, they have no one or no one cares. By applying what I have learned this will happen. Our future are the children whom are angels. They need to be loved and cared for with encouragement through the thick and thin even when they fail they need love not a confidence let down. Giving that to them starts with business here at Remarkable Reasons.

Why I am sharing a snip bit of my life is because any women has the right to empower themselves. We deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. If you are a women that needs help in business, contact me at: where we will gladly help anyone we can to be successful. I hope that this story about my life inspires you in some way, some how.

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