Nina Mazgaj

Nevena Ann Mazgaj, known to her friends as Nina, was born in 1997, the 1st of 3 premature all-girl triplets. Nina struggled to survive in a 3rd world orphanage, arriving in the United States at the age of 20 months. Despite numerous health issues, and Post Institutional Stress Disorder, Nina continued to be an active child.

Her favorite pastime would be reenacting Disney scenes, dressing in costumes, dancing, and singing. At a young age, you would find Nina on stage performing in school, church, and community plays.

Nina is hearing impaired and took on the challenge of becoming a singer. Around 10 years ago, she joined the Aristo Vocal Performance Studio, and advanced to performing in numerous yearly concerts, community events, benefit concerts, ALF’S, New Year’s Eve performances, musical skits, solos in church, as well as being an entertainer at parties. Nina has sung the National Anthem for many years for the Special Olympics. She has
been an active performer/singer with Theater Exceptional for three years.

Nina takes on her fears! She was afraid of large animals so she began riding horses. She has competed in numerous local competitions winning many first and second place in several of the trail and dressage events, she has also won gold and silver medals as an equestrian in Special Olympics. She is an active member of the Horses for Handicapped Foundation of
Pinellas County. She is also a 15-year member of 4-H and a lifetime Girl Scout.

Nina has a heart for all animals and over the years has helped her mother with numerous rescues of birds and God’s creatures.

Nina is employed by the Pinellas County School system. She is a graduate of Lift University and works for Lift Your Hearts.

As the first 2021/2022 Miss Exceptional, she hopes to take her positivity, kind heart, and friendly attitude into the community to help others.

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