Miss and Mr. Exceptional

The coronation of two winners is about recognizing excellence. In particular the kind of excellence that it takes to step on to a stage bravely out in front of an audience, the commitment to put all that practice working hard to make it perfect together, and the capability to absolutely kill it with a sensational performance. It is about the spirit of fair competition and the camaraderie that it nurtures between everyone. These exceptional people on An Exceptional Evening pour their hearts out to give the audience something special, something that is priceless – a piece of who they are.

Miss and Mr. Exceptional are crowned to represent the entire production as leaders of their communities through their unmistakable talents and setting an example as role models. Remarkable Reasons, will in turn, recognize anything that our champions accomplish, bring any opportunities to them, and continue to celebrate with them their gifts from God.  

Nina Mazgaj

Nina performs her award-winning song, The Hills are Alive, to an awestruck audience.

It was most certainly not the only reason she won, it is also her charismatic personality, elegant presence, and her ability to express feelings through music. We welcome you to learn more about this dazzling young woman on the rise.

Jordan Krolak

Jordan floors the crowd with his strong, deep, and bellowing voice.

It is inexplicable to describe how his voice carried us at An Exceptional Evening. His demeanor on and off the stage are reminiscent of the Rat Pack with the same kind of class. Join us in learning more about Jordan as we discover who this debonaire gentleman is.

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