Easter at the Club

The Kids Took Over the Place

The day started with a blast as the competitors shot out and set the standards with the lowest possible scores. We had teams of friends, families, and even a few kids in the mix. Play went smoothly and everyone enjoyed a well groomed course and a relaxed pace of golf. We only had a few slow pokes who needed a couple extra strokes to sink the putts. Our aim is to grow this tournaments quality of competition year by year which will reflect the kind of money we are raising and the difference we can make in the community. Congratulations to our winners and better luck next year to the rest of the competitors. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the golfing and the after golfing.

It was an action packed day with the Golf Tournament, a fundraiser, the raffle, vendors to greet, beauty queens to meet, food to eat, music to enjoy, and prizes to win. However, it was the kids who stole the show and brought their parents with them. We had some amazing hunters and heavy hitters out there. Thank you to all the families who came out and joined us as well as our golfers. You made this event a success because you were there with those outstanding personalities and style.

Having beauty pageant queens from around Florida certainly added to the atmosphere and it is always a pleasure to have them around. The amazing young women made our guests feel welcomed and showed them more of a good time. We look forward to having them every year along with sponsors, vendors, food, drinks, and entertainment that will continue making this a big day for our guests.

One of our goals, which continues to be a top priority, is to bring the families of the Westchase community together at the Country Club. Remarkable Reasons is honoured to partner with Westchase GC, we enjoyed your company, and couldn’t have wished the weather was any better. Meeting the distinguished members of this community and its extended community of friendships is something we are grateful to have been a part of and we will continue to show our gratitude. We hope to see you all at the Country Club this summer and that you’ll join us during the Summer Concert Series. We aim to keep that family friendly atmosphere that will offer the community something special and bring everyone together. Enjoy the pictures and videos, we will do a better job next year of getting more of you in here. We hope to see you soon and please say hi when you do.