Chocolate Factory

Dapur Cokelat

being welcomed into the best Indonesia family

A Women in business has been extremely hard to have the courage to push your self and ask for help because you want to be successful to help many people around you. Indonesia has shown me so many things that i always took for granted. The love I have received here has been overwhelming for me because im not used to people constantly wanting to help us grow. Getting to see Chris’s family business was a privilege they truly are the kindest people. I wish I could be a lot more to offer them more. Im so grateful to know them and hug them. I want to continue writing about my experience but it makes me cry in the best way possible because they actually listen to what I have to say and i am just so blessed. Lord, I thank you for the dark times in my life to be at this point to help other women in the future to push through the dark times because you never who will be a angel in your life. Looking beautiful is really what comes from the inside.When you leave the USA you will see the hearts of everyone because they know the reality that is community and family is what counts the most. I already can’t wait to come back and see them.Look at my photos below at our experience at Tante Eyie’s Factory!!