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Why KT Sunscreen over other products?

Why KT Sunscreen over other products?

As a one of our team members is a  student nurse. The team came up with a lotion that will not harm your skin and the Coral Reefs. People’s lives are in our hands and we take very serious.  

Another Role of Zinc Oxide for Acne Treatment. Zinc oxide works indirectly to cure acne. As we all know, acne is an inflammatory condition where redness, irritation, and oiliness are occurring. Zinc oxide works as a skin protectant that help you not get sunburn. It is our job to make sure that we are all decreasing our chances of skin cancer. Skin Cancer is the number one cancer in the entire world. We are needing new ways for the Public to be safer when they go outside or to the beach. In Florida our UV rays in the summer range between 8-10 UVA and that is dangerous for children to be outside with out having the proper sun protection. 

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