Octocrylene is an active ingredient in many chemical sunscreens; that ingredient alone has significant long-term effects on the body. Every organ system we have is essential to maintain its function as the years pass by. The Food and Drug Administration has been educated through articles being published on the testing of health risks of the ingredients in sunscreens. This has given the FDA the ability to mandate that corporation adhere to improved business practice based on the proof of science.
Octocrylene breaks down into Benzophenone; while we need more research to understand the consequences of Benzophenone exposure through sunscreen fully, Haereticus Environmental Laboratory states that Octocrylene breaks down into Benzophenone, a hormone disruptor, is also being an endocrine disruptor, affecting thyroid function as well as inducing anti-androgenic activity, delaying testicular development and causing anatomic difficulties with female reproductive organs. This specifically is harmful and doesn’t serve a purpose that is healthy or protect the public. The solution of these finding are clear, remove the problem.
Chemical engineers have evaluated KT Sunscreen by Remarkable Reasons, and it is a huge statement that our team can make. We designed our healthy lotion for the public long before this or Oxybenzone was cited as being harmful to people and our planet. We take your health very seriously; while the skin being the largest organ we all have, we want to do our best to protect it the best way we can.

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